Andrea Pimpini’s song “Ocean Eyes” celebrates one year of success

2 min readNov 17, 2022


Andrea Pimpini is an Italian singer who debuted in the music business in 2017 singing at the Romics, an international festival that attracts around 200,000 people every year. Andrea’s career is full of great achievements: in 2021 his lives streaming were shared on the most important Italian newspapers (Sky TG24, All Music Italia, RAI, Optimagazine, etc.), thanks to his media success, in the same year, Andrea is featured on a Billboard’s chart and one year later, after being interviewed by IlMessaggero, one the most famous and sold newspapers in Italy.

This month Andrea celebrates the anniversary of his song “Ocean Eyes”, one of his most listened songs.

Currently I am not present on social medias, my tour finished almost 4 months ago. However I’m very happy to see that my songs continue to arise interest. Even if I don’t have a record label or radio support, every day people listen to my music. Thank you!” — Andrea Pimpini

“Ocean Eyes” is one of the 12 songs published within the album “I’ll Stay by the Window 2.0”. The album is available on every digital music store (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, etc.).


My album’s favourite song is the acoustic version of Sitting on the Clouds. It was recorded live, piano and voice. I would like to publish an acoustic album one day… Maybe next year”.

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