“Another Love”, Andrea’s cover is now available on YouTube

2 min readAug 13


In a resounding display of musical artistry, Andrea Pimpini, the multifaceted Italian singer, songwriter, and producer, has unveiled his rendition of the iconic track “Another Love.” The cover, released just five days ago on YouTube, has already begun to stir the hearts of listeners with its emotionally charged performance and impeccable vocal delivery.

Listen to the cover here: Another Love — Andrea Pimpini’s Captivating Cover

Andrea Pimpini’s musical journey embarked on a high note at the 2017 Romics Festival, where he enchanted an audience of more than 5,000 with his distinctive voice. Since then, his creative journey has soared to new heights. Having released his original compositions, Pimpini’s live streaming performances found acclaim among esteemed Italian media outlets, including Sky TG24, All Music Italia, RAI 2, Optimagazine, and others in 2019.

A pivotal moment in Pimpini’s career unfolded in 2021 when he secured the remarkable third place on Billboard’s live music streaming chart. This achievement resonated for an impressive three weeks, attesting to Pimpini’s undeniable ability to forge deep connections with his audience through music.

The year 2022 proved equally noteworthy as Andrea Pimpini embarked on a tour across Abruzzo and engaged in an exclusive interview with Il Messaggero, a leading newspaper in Italy. His latest single reverberated across the nation’s bustling subway stations and vibrant airports, a feat made possible through the collaboration of TelesiaTV and the prestigious Festa della Musica 2022.

Andrea Pimpini’s interpretation of “Another Love” emerges as the latest chapter in his musical odyssey. His emotive rendition encapsulates the very essence of the song, effortlessly evoking profound emotions in listeners. Pimpini’s innate talent for conveying sentiment through music is impeccably showcased in this cover, exemplifying his remarkable skill set.