Spanish Entrepreneurs Roshan Bhondekar and Sahra Ardah Propel Global Communication with GlobalSphere Launch

2 min readJan 6, 2024

GlobalSphere Emerges as a Leading International PR Consulting Firm, Offering Strategic Media Partnerships for Global Impact

In a groundbreaking announcement, Spanish entrepreneurs Roshan Bhondekar and Sahra Ardah unveiled GlobalSphere, a distinguished International PR Consulting firm designed to create a global platform for individuals and brands. The firm, founded in January 2024, marks the founders’ vision for international communication and strategic media partnerships. The announcement of GlobalSphere’s birth was made on January 1, 2024, through the founders’ Twitter accounts.

Roshan Bhondekar, renowned as the Founder & CEO of Transcontinental Times, an International Electronic Media House, brings a wealth of entrepreneurial, writing, and filmmaking experience, boasting accolades for award-winning short films and non-fiction books. Sahra Ardah, also known as Sara Canizal Sardon, an accomplished art director and producer, is internationally recognized for her teaching methods and artistic contributions. Together, they combine a unique set of skills, making GlobalSphere their second global venture after Transcontinental Times.

GlobalSphere’s strength lies in its extensive network of over 100 strategic partnerships with reputable media companies, including prominent publishers of digital newspapers. Specializing in Digital Public Relations, the firm tailors’ services to amplify brand stories through compelling narratives, strategic media connections, and optimized digital positioning.

“Our mission is to guide startups, growing enterprises, and established brands on their digital journey. We aim to craft narratives that resonate globally, leaving a mark from South America to South Asia and beyond. Every footprint with GlobalSphere tells a success story,” remarked the founders.

Key highlights of GlobalSphere’s services include a comprehensive approach providing clients with insights into diverse markets and cultures, ensuring effective communication on an international scale. The firm prides itself on global influence coupled with local expertise, strategic partnerships, and innovative solutions.

Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, GlobalSphere positions itself as one of the largest and most established networks of international public relations. The city’s cultural richness and strategic location symbolize the firm’s commitment to bridging diverse perspectives and facilitating effective communication across borders.

In an exclusive interview, the founders emphasized the strength derived from their individuality. Roshan Bhondekar expressed the team’s commitment to bringing in the best talent from international and regional media, highlighting GlobalSphere’s dedication to excellence and client success in the realm of international PR consulting.

“Choose GlobalSphere for a partner that understands the intricacies of international public relations, values the power of strategic media partnerships, and is dedicated to helping clients thrive in a globally interconnected world,” recalls founders. The firm’s passion for excellence positions it as a trusted leader in the dynamic landscape of international PR consulting.