“The World Tour”: discover new places with TheGameTV

1 min readFeb 5, 2024

A new project launched by Andrea Pimpini is going to bring adventures, suggestions, and excitement to people. It is called “The World Tour”: a series of articles that will be published weekly on thegametv.org (for English readers) and thegametv.it (for Italian readers).

“Thegametv.it is an important medium of information in Italy: I founded this website on 2017 and thanks to it I have collaborated with many Italian branches of international brands. Some years after, I decided to launch an English version thegametv.org. With “The World Tour” project I want to give to people the opportunity of discovering new places and maybe make them visit those countries. We hope brands around the world will be interested to work with us on this project. TheGameTV is affiliated with NordVPN at the moment, even if they are not official sponsor of this project. People can sustain us by reading the articles and buying or sharing our NordVPN’s affiliate link. At the moment we have only articles about Macao and Iceland but every week we’ll try to bring new content. Major upcoming articles are about Hong Kong and Japan. I’ll personally write them to speak about my experience and give some suggestions”.

Affiliate link: https://go.nordvpn.net/SH5UZ