Victorius Kingston From Author to Actor

2 min readSep 29, 2023


Victorius Kingston, the famous horror writer, is embarking on some thrilling new adventures that his fans are sure to love. If you’re a fan of his work or just curious about what he’s up to, read on to find out!

You probably know Victorius Kingston from his spooky stories and books. But guess what? He’s trying something totally different now — video games and acting! It’s a big change, and it’s got everyone talking.

Victorius is teaming up with his friend, Roe Hyung-Joon, who’s really good at making digital art. Together, they’re making a 3D video game called “Black Mamba 2099.” But here’s the coolest part: Victorius isn’t just writing the story; he’s also the main character in the game!

The Game’s Storyline

“Black Mamba 2099” is set in the future, where humans and human-like robots called humanoids live together in Seoul. In the game, you get to be Yeong Hyun-Lee, and guess who’s playing that character? Yes, it’s Victorius Kingston himself! Yeong Hyun-Lee is a humanoid detective trying to solve some mysterious crimes in the city.

The Making of the Game

Creating a video game is no easy task. Victorius Kingston spent over two weeks in Seoul, where they filmed scenes for the game and used fancy computer technology to turn him into a 3D character. He’s even doing the voice for his character, which is something he’s never done before! The person in charge of making sure the game looks and feels great is Roe Hyung-Joon. He’s not only directing the game but also helping to write the story. Roe and Victorius are good friends, and they make a fantastic team. Their friendship and creativity are sure to make “Black Mamba 2099” an amazing game.

When Can We Play?

Now, the big question: when can we play this awesome game? Well, we have to wait a bit because it’s still in the making. They haven’t told us the exact day it’ll be ready, but they’re aiming for sometime in the middle of 2025. You’ll be able to play it on your computer using Steam, which lots of gamers use.

What About Consoles?

If you’re wondering whether you can play it on PlayStation or Xbox, we don’t know yet. They might tell us later, so stay tuned for updates.